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Cambridge Learning Services is an independent tutoring company based out of Calgary. We offer personalized Calgary tutoring services at the most competitive prices in the city.

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Our online tutoring in Calgary offers a customized approach to learning tailored to each student’s unique needs. Whether the student needs help with homework, exam preparation, or improving their overall academic performance, our experienced online tutors are here to help.

Group Tutoring in Calgary

Group Tutoring in Calgary

Our group tutoring provides an affordable option to grades K-12 students to receive the support they need to succeed. With a maximum of four students per session, our Calgary tutors can provide personalized attention and guidance to help each student reach their full potential.

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Exam Preparation

Throughout primary and secondary schools in Alberta there are several important exams students must take. At our tutoring centre we offer exam preparation for the Grade 6 PATs, Grade 9 PATs, and High-school diploma examinations including IB and AP streams. 

Welcome To Cambridge Learning Services - Calgary’s dependable tutoring service

We are a K-12 Calgary Tutoring Centre offering tutoring services in all subjects, including but not limited to Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and English. We strive to reduce the barriers to education within our community by offering the most competitive prices for Calgary tutoring. Prices include all resources: Alberta-based workbooks, assignments, mock exams, study guides, and worksheets. We also offer specialized exam preparation for PAT exams, IB exams, Diploma exams, and AP exams. Our Calgary tutors are trained to act as mentors to ensure students gain valuable insights into building self-confidence, effective time management, prioritization, and study habits.

Affordable Calgary Tutoring Services

Elementary School Tutoring

Elementary School Tutoring

Our elementary tutoring in Calgary builds a strong foundation for academic success with personalized support for grades K-6.

Junior High School Tutoring

Junior High School Tutoring

Our junior high Calgary tutoring offers customized support for grades 7-9, helping build skills and knowledge for PAT success.

High School Tutoring

High School

Our high school tutoring in Calgary supports students in grades 10-12 with individualized attention from experienced tutors to achieve academic goals

Subjects We Tutor

Biology Tutoring Calgary


Our experienced Calgary tutors offer personalized Biology tutoring to help students grasp the intricacies of the living world.

Chemistry Tutoring Calgary


Our knowledgeable tutors in Calgary provide personalized Chemistry tutoring, helping students master the principles of the physical world.

English Tutoring Calgary


Our English tutoring in Calgary offers tailored support to help students enhance their writing, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.

Math Tutoring Calgary


With our Calgary Math tutoring, students receive individualized attention from experienced tutors to build a strong foundation in math.

Physics Tutoring Calgary


Our Physics tutoring helps students grasp the fundamental principles of the physical world with expert, individualized support.

Science Tutoring Calgary


Our experienced Calgary tutors offer Science tutoring to help students explore the natural world with personalized guidance and support.

Social Studies Tutoring Calgary

Social Studies

In our Social Studies tutoring, students receive individualized attention to become more proficient in human history and politics.

Diploma Prep Calgary

Diploma Prep

Our instructors have years of experience helping students excel in Alberta diploma preparation. Learn more about how we can help.

Why Choose Us

We started Cambridge Learning Services to reduce the barriers to education by delivering high-quality and affordable tutoring services in Calgary. Every student deserves the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom. Our goal is to educate and empower Canadian youth by delivering exceptional tutoring services at affordable prices. All of our educational materials and structures follow the Alberta Education curriculum. We believe in reinforcing what students learn in school so they can succeed in the classroom.

This idea came from many other Calgary tutoring companies charging excessive amounts, exceeding $50/h for subjects as simple as 3rd-grade math. We identified a need in the market for low-cost tutoring services that allow us to serve our community and empower the Canadian youth. Since then, we have grown our Calgary Tutoring company and continue to offer tutoring services of the highest quality while maintaining a reasonable price. Cambridge Learning Services has two convenient locations for tutoring in Calgary SE and Calgary NE. This helps us ensure that our tutoring services are accessible to every Calgarian.

Customized Calgary Tutoring to Suit Student Needs

We understand that each student is unique, with their own strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. That’s why we create customized learning plans for each student, tailored to their needs and goals. Whether the student needs help with a particular subject or wants to improve their overall academic performance, our tutors will work with them to create a plan that works.

Helping Students Grow Beyond the Classroom

Our Calgary tutors are trained to act as mentors and ensure that students gain valuable insights into building self-confidence, effective time management, prioritization, and lifelong study habits.

We don’t believe in teaching multiple groups simultaneously, where students are kept waiting to ask questions. Small group learning enhances students’ ability to learn individual concepts well and at their own pace, with a tutor always available to guide them.

Reviews and Testimonials of Our Tutoring Services

“The tutors at CLS helped my daughter in math a lot. They were able to help her understand the questions that she previously did not know how to approach. The tutors also helped with her application to university for her degree. We are grateful for them.”
Rajeev S
“We love sending both our kids to the centre because the learning environment has helped my son learn a lot better than when I tried teaching him at home. Hope to have my son tutored here until he goes to university!”
Female Icon
Alice W

We Have Been Featured By International Avenue Business Agency

Because of our exceptional Calgary tutoring services, Cambridge Learning Services has been featured by International Avenue Business Agency. Check their website and social media for further information.

A Class Structure That Works

Your child can bring their homework, assignments, or materials they need help with to each tutoring session. Each class is 2 hours long.

1st Hour

Focus on First Subject



45 Minutes

Complete Active Recall Quiz and Focus on Second Subject

5 Minutes

Wrap Up and Assign Homework